My name is Therese.  A lot has happened to me over the years and I want to share what has made me a woman blessed.  This is a work in progress, so please bear with me as I navigate the ins and outs of a personal blog.

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  1. Hi Therese, I have followed your messages on facebook for the last twelve months as my wife Jan had the same P M P Cancer, Jans cancer was so rapid, from first diagnosis to her passing was only ten months, she had a lot of discomfort but fortunately no pain, her operation removed everything, leaving just enough to live, eight weeks after the operation her sickness returned, after more scans and x-rays she was told that there was nothing more that they could do for her they said months not years.
    We drove slowly home on a beautiful sunny early summers day, a Thursday, we talked about what she wanted at the end we talked about what she wanted me to do in the future, she saw our daughters new house ad then we went home, she spent the next four days meeting all our family and friends sat on the patio in the sunshine after that she lost all her energy and only wanted us and her closest friend around her, She succumbed to life one week after leaving the hospital in my arms.
    With seven months of hindsight I feel blessed that we had this short time to help each other for what was to happen I suppose a lot of people don’t get that time.
    like you I lost all interest in everything my ability to concentrate just disappeared and is only now beginning to return.
    In reading your messages I could understand what you were going through and can guess what is happening, everything is a first which we can only handle alone, but we are both blessed with many friend and that helps.
    Good luck for the future, I will read and comment where I can if it helps.

    God bless, Derek

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  2. Derek, thank you so very much for sharing this. I think no matter the length of time we were given with our loved ones is what gives us that extra push to make it another day. I am so sorry that your time with Jan was so short, but I feel that those days will last a lifetime for you and the life leading up to the end. My added time with Keith is certainly what makes me more than blessed. And if I may add, what a blessing for you to hold your bride as she made her way to heaven.

    All the best and God Bless you,


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