Six months 6.9.15

Hawaii Sunset 2012

I wonder what you are doing in your spirit world today.

Are you thinking about me and how much I miss you every day?

I am living life with optimism; doing the things we made in our plan.

But equally I am saddened now that I must life it without my man.

I wonder if heaven is as we believe, or if your energy is just there.

Can you wrap that light around me please so I do not feel despair?

Six months is like forever without you by my side.

In two short weeks it will be 21 years that you took me as your bride

In moments of darkness I open my eyes to see the real beauty of your life.

It’s in what you gave to others and especially to me – your wife.

I am happy to remember all the wonderful times we shared.

There is no doubt from anyone how much you always cared.

I wonder if I will always count these months and years as they go by.

Will they always bring such emotion to break me down and cry?

I lost an important part of me the morning that you that you stopped breathing.

And because of that, though it may change, I will never stop this grieving.

There is nothing more important than the love that we shared together.

I am a woman loved, a woman blessed – it makes this heartache better. ©TMS 6/2015

4 thoughts on “Six months 6.9.15

  1. You have such a profound way of expressing yourself ….your writings as so moving and bring sorrow and joy to me all at once. God Bless you Therese…


  2. As I read this post I recognized the rhyming and rhythm to your words. Then I had to reread it to fully appreciate your sense of poetry. How lovely that you can do that. I love you so much! Aunt Sandy


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