Still Blessed

There are a hundred other things I should be doing at the moment, but I’m feeling inspired by life and its offerings.

Yesterday Keith was the honorary Grand Marshal in an annual parade for the Village that was his second home for 38 years – where he was employed, loved and respected.  The news of his nomination came to me late, as my daughter was first contacted.  It was supposed to be a surprise – and it was.  The day and weeks leading up to the event were full of emotion both proud of the man I married and frustrated that this happened after his death.  The Village and the Parade Committee and our friend who nominated him have gone above and beyond to make Keith’s legacy an amazing one.  They have, and I thank them profusely — from an amazing retirement party, to the naming of a maintenance/salt dome facility, to honoring his retirement in the parade 3 years ago, and now, this honorary Grand Marshal, my heart is full.

Keith was the kind, generous, committed, serious, play hard/work hard person that most knew, but I saw things that others didn’t and maybe because he wouldn’t let them see that side of him.  Keith loved so deeply and honestly.  There is nothing that could stand in the way of that love.  It wasn’t just in the words he spoke in the end to me over several months, it wasn’t in the embraces that we shared.  It was in his every day actions and the thoughts that went into every decision he made.  Keith always put others before himself.  If I was having a particularly bad day, there was nothing that he wouldn’t do to try and make it better.  Sometimes it was just a hug, sometimes it was “let’s get out of here” for a change of scenery, sometimes it was just a touch on my shoulder to let me know he was there. Sometimes it was just a wink.  Oh that wink, how I miss it.

How blessed I was to love him and be loved by him. How blessed each person is that knew Keith, whether for a short time or a lifetime, he was a man to emulate.

When I think of love, I know I had the very best there was to have.

When I think of hope, I know I have every reason to believe in it.

When I think of patience, I realize I lived through the most impatient of times.

When I think of the future, I have only certain thoughts: to love, to live and to honor the memories of that love.


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